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About Services

As our name implies Mole Mountie Inc specializes in mole control. Mole control consist of more than trapping moles. We give our clients insight as to what we believe may be attracting moles to their lawns and provide advice to try and remedy the problem.

Unlike other companies, Mole Mountie Inc. does not charge for every mole that is caught. We instead charge a flat rate for a period of time regardless of the number of moles a client may have. These rates are determined by factors such as the size of the property, the time of year, and past history of mole infestation.

Mole Mountie Inc. does not charge clients upfront. Our contract protects us as much as it does the homeowner. We invoice after the first mole is caught or when it is determined that no active moles are present. You will know upfront how much the service cost and can be at ease knowing there will be no surprises.