Service Contract

Mole Mountie Inc. Service Contract

***This contract must be agreed on by you before services can occur***


Terms of Service

This Contract outlines treatment of nuisance wildlife herein referred to as pest by Mole Mountie Inc. as defined and under the terms set forth below. Mole Mountie Inc. is not responsible for any injury, disease or illness caused by any nuisance species or devices and means used to eradicate pest.


1. SERVICES PROVIDED Mole Mountie Inc. will conduct a thorough visible inspection of premises for evidence of pest infestation and will provide treatment for the control of the pest as determined by Mole Mountie Inc. Control is defined as the periodic eradication of infestations within practical limits.


2. AREAS SERVICED Mole Mountie Inc. will apply treatment, as it deems appropriate, to all potential areas within the property. Customer agrees to provide access to the property at the scheduled time of the service. In the event Mole Mountie Inc. is denied access to the property, Mole Mountie Inc. will not provide treatment and Customer agrees to pay a service charge for a return visit to provide treatment of the structure.




1) Customer agrees to keep ALL dogs sequestered and away from technicians while they are on the property.


2) Customer agrees to not tamper with traps.


3) Customer is responsible for any damage to trap while on property(s).


4) Customer is responsible for keeping children and pets away from traps and treated areas.


5) Customer is responsible for notifying lawn care service to not tamper or destroy traps or Mole Mountie property.


6) Customer is responsible for replacing destroyed traps and Mole Mountie property at set price not to exceed $20 per property item.


4. PERFORMING THE WORK Mole Mountie Inc. will exercise reasonable care while performing any work hereunder to try to avoid damaging any part of the property, plants or animals. Under no circumstances or conditions shall Mole Mountie Inc. be responsible for damage caused by Mole Mountie Inc. at the time the work is performed except those damages resulting from gross negligence on the part of Mole Mountie Inc.


5. LIMITS OF LIABILITY Mole Mountie Inc. will not be liable for injuries or damage to persons, property, animals or vegetation, except those damages resulting from gross negligence by Mole Mountie Inc. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Mole Mountie Inc. will not be liable for personal injury, death, property damage, loss of use, loss of income or any other damages whatsoever, including consequential and incidental damages arising from this service. Mole Mountie Inc.’s liability is specifically limited to the labor and products necessary to help reduce pest populations.


6. NON-PAYMENT Customer will pay invoices upon receipt. Mole Mountie Inc. may terminate this Contract if payment is not received within thirty days of the date of invoice. In the event legal action is necessary to collect any amount due, Mole Mountie Inc. shall be entitled to recover from Customer all reasonable cost of collection, including all attorney’s fees and expenses, in addition to any outstanding amount due Mole Mountie Inc. In addition, interest at 1.5% per month, being 18% annually or the highest rate allowed by applicable law will be assessed on any past due amounts owed by Customer until paid. This contract and any extension of its term will be effective only upon payment of the charges as provided herein.


7. TERMINATION Mole Mountie Inc.’s liability under this Contract will terminate and Mole Mountie Inc. will be


excused from the performance of any obligations under this Contract should


1) Customer allow another pest control company and/or operator to treat the property(s) or


2) Customer utilize any home remedy products, “do-it-yourself” products, over the counter products or any chemicals to eradicate rodents or other wildlife that could cause a negative resolution, or


3) Mole Mountie Inc. is prevented or delayed from fulfilling its responsibilities under the terms of this Contract by reasons or circumstances reasonably beyond Mole Mountie Inc.’s control, including, but not limited to


1) Refusal of Customer to allow Mole Mountie Inc. access to the property(s) for the purpose of carrying out the terms and conditions of this Contract.


2) Failure to sequester dogs while Mole Mountie Inc’s. technician in performing duties on premises


3) Any person(s) other than a Mole Mountie Inc. representative tampering with, checking or any way disturbing traps or stations


4) 32Repeated destruction of Mole Mountie Inc. property.


8. SPECIFIC EXCLUSIONS This Contract does not cover and Mole Mountie Inc will not be responsible for:


1) Expenses related to medical evaluation or treatment for bites associated with pest.


2) Damages or expenses for any claim of personal injury related to an infestation of pest


3) Loss of income claimed to be related to pest bites or associated illnesses


4) Weather conditions that hamper Mole Mountie Inc’s. ability to carry out its duties in a timely manner


These specific exclusions are in addition to the other exclusions contained in this Contract.