As our name implies Mole Mountie Inc specializes in mole control and mole removal. Mole control consists of more than trapping moles. We give our clients insight as to what we believe may be attracting moles to their lawns and provide advice to try and remedy the problem. We get many calls throughout the season from homeowners that are not sure of what is causing the damage to their lawns and landscape. Often, we notice they have been misdiagnosed, thinking they have moles only to find it was something different altogether. If you have holes, dirt piles, ridges, or paths in the lawn, this 7-minute video may help you diagnose the problem. 

If after watching you find yourself still unsure of what may be causing the damage, feel free to give us a call.

Unlike other companies, Mole Mountie Inc. does not charge for every mole that is caught. We instead charge a flat rate for a period of time regardless of the number of moles a client may have. These rates are determined by factors such as the size of the property, the time of year, and the history of mole damage. Mole Mountie Inc charges a one-time inspection fee that is valid for the season. We do not charge upfront for the removal service but send an invoice for the service after the first mole is caught. Our contract protects us as much as it does the homeowner. You will know upfront how much the service will cost and can be at ease knowing there will be no surprises.


Mole Mountie Inc has been in business since 1999 and we are happy to say that we have never had a child or pet injured by any traps or devices. That is not to say however it couldn’t happen. Mole Mountie takes all safety precautions when using traps around children and domestic animals but in the end, traps are traps and always possess a realm of danger. We suggest that you as the homeowner take precaution as well when your children or pets are in areas where traps have been placed.

We ask dog owners to extend us the same courtesy by keeping dogs sequestered and away from technicians when they are at work. Dog bites are the number one injury to nuisance wildlife operators and the pet owner is usually the one most surprised when their normally peaceful pet attacks.

If Mole Mountie technicians do not have confirmation that dogs have been sequestered on the days of service, they are not obligated to service your property on that day. We unfortunately have to be direct in this notice due to the large numbers of dog encounters.


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